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"Our holistic approach to the systems is for your peace of mind"
Web Design & Development


We have a complete scalable solution ranging from Cooperatives & Microfinance Institution to large Banking & Finance Institution. Our system will be the model for the future small scale banks to serve the community for the benefit of the community. Mission statement to enable niche banking from specialized banks with customized services.


Software Development


Our solution is to enable enterprises to manage their physical and logical resources in an integrated and blended manner. The Physical is the surrounding of which the workers can feel and touch, ie: card access, tailgate and signage. The Logical is the application software loaded into the workers desktop computers or smart-phones, connected via networks of networks all around the world.


Systems Integrator & Support


We have a complete scalable solution ranging from General Practioner (GP), Pharmacy retail, Government Health Clinic to large Hospital . We are working towards more comprehensive solution to support latest state of the art technology available today such as cloud computing, smartphone and tablet. 


Our Product: MEDISYS

Web Design & Development


Our Open Source Solution is not just for managing a training institutions but we also provide the solution for online examination and question bank. we are working with our partner to deliver more comprehensive learning packages to the world


Our Product: ILMS

Our International Network

Malaysia (HQ)

mySepadu Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Unit C-2-11
SME Tecnopreneur Centre (SME1)
Cyberjaya, 2270.
Jalan Usahawan 2,
63000 Cyberjaya,Selangor Darul Ehsan
Email : info@mysepadu.com
Phone: +603-4285 6126

United Kingdom

mySepadu (United Kingdom)
Limited (883 3543)
121 Earl Howe Street
Leicester-LE2 0DJ
United Kingdom
Email : info@mysepadu.com
Phone: 0044-7432655100


Scalable IT Solutions
308 A Block, 3rd Floor
Lenaine Estate, Besides Methodist Complex,
Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500 001

Email: Info@scalableites.com
Phone: +91 40 6565 6512


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